Residential Rough & Finish Installs

Ryan and his team of electricians can handle any size project from whole house wiring to just wiring up a new appliance or light fixture. Our electrical team works for individual homeowners, property managers, other builders and general contractors, as well as our existing construction customers.

Utility & Service Upgrades

The added electrical loads of home additions and renovations often outstrip a house’s original utility service. Our skilled electricians can perform the necessary load calculation to determine how to safely provide the proper electrical service to your house and outbuildings.

Interior & Landscape Lighting

Lighting a home well, takes skill and care. Our electricians work to match your needs with the best available option to light your home and create the atmosphere you desire for a space. We have many supplier relationships to help find the perfect fixtures for your project. Our experience also includes internet connected smart lighting options.


Our master electrician, Ryan, is well versed in the wide array of temporary and backup power options currently available. We know that one size does not fit everyone! That’s why we design custom and innovative solutions to best fit the needs of every project.

Networking & Smart Homes

As the devices and appliances in our homes continue to gain the ability to interface with each other, creating a cohesive smart home is becoming a typical project goal. Our electricians draw on their vast experience to provide solutions that allow you to leverage the power of home automation. While also creating a robust backend of networking for these systems to communicate on.

A.V. & Home Theater

The audio and visual equipment in your house serves as the bridge to your favorite content for you and your family.  We know internet content and physical media are equally important to today’s homeowner. That’s why we work with you to provide custom audio and home theater systems that blend seamlessly into your house while also making things easy to use.