Residential Repairs & Installs

Our plumbing team works for our existing construction customers, individual homeowners, property managers and other builders and general contractors. Luke and his team of plumbers can handle any size project from roughing in appliances and fixtures, to the associated drains and water lines for a whole house project. Or even just updating the drains and vents necessary to change a bathtub to a shower stall.

Appliance & Fixture Installs

Our customers trust our plumbers to safely install their new appliances and fixtures such as sinks, faucets, toilets, washers and dryers, refrigerators, dishwashers etc.  We provide new gas lines for the routine conversion of an electric range to a propane or natural gas cooking range.

Boilers & Hot Water Heaters

Our plumbers install all types of gas and oil-fired boilers including natural draft and high-efficiency condensing types.  We install typical gas and electric hot water heaters, on-demand water heaters and indirect hot water storage tanks for use in conjunction with your existing boiler.

Gas & Utility Work

We provide underground and basement utility installations for sewage disposal and gas services for new construction, repairs and upgrades to existing systems.  We have provided gas work related to boilers, hot-air furnaces, cooking ranges, fireplaces and heated pools.

Radiant & Geothermal Heating

We have seen an ever-increasing awareness and demand for more efficient heating/cooling systems among our client base.   Our plumbing and electrical crews have worked with engineers, consultants and our equipment suppliers to design and install cutting edge ground-source heating and cooling systems as well as efficient radiant heating systems.  

HVAC & Split Mini AC Systems

We design and build ducted HVAC systems that work as designed because they are properly balanced and carefully constructed.  We utilize our own in-house software and consult with the engineers that work for our suppliers to design our systems.  We install whole house ducted HVAC systems as well as Split Ductless AC and Heating Units